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At Reid Hurst Nagy Inc. we make it a priority to see beyond the numbers. Whether it's the one-person start-up, a nation-wide firm, a not-for-profit organization or a strata corporation, it's the people that give companies their strength and ingenuity to solve problems and identify opportunities. RHN doesn’t just analyze your data and take care of your books – we make it a point to get to know who you are. Because of that, we are better able to help you understand the unique challenges facing your business and then achieve the results you want for today -- and beyond.

  • Businesses
    By connecting with you and learning about what keeps you up at night, we will help you create a strategy to reduce stress and bring more fulfillment in both life and business.
    First Nations
    First Nations and Tribal Councils require responsible financial management. Band members and funding agencies expect the band council and staff to provide effective, fair programs and services.
    Strata Corporations
    Whether you are the owner of a strata unit, a member of a strata council, or the property manager of a strata corporation, we ensure you are more comfortable with your financial statements.
  • Not-for-Profits
    A strong set of financial statements is vital for non-profit organizations, which have to balance service levels with the necessity to stay on budget.
    Wineries & Vineyards
    We understand what it means to put heart-and-soul into your profession and the importance of combining passion and pride to produce quality products.
    When it comes to tax and financial matters for yourself and your entire family, rely on our knowledgeable advice and experience and be worry-free!
  • Non Residents
    Whether you are purchasing an income generating property for the first time or selling your property, we will ensure that you are compliant with all tax regulations relating to your property income.
    Let us help you with your day-to-day Bookkeeping and Government Reporting duties. We can take the place of an employee with our friendly and efficient bookkeeping staff.
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    Toll-free: 1.888.RHN.3188 (746.3188)
    Fax: 604.273.9390
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RHN is a fast paced Certified General Accounting firm - a great place to work! We are growing. If you are interested in learning more about current career opportunities, CLICK HERE

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